Solved! Dell Inspiron 620 Desktop No Power Issue

A nice Dell Inspiron 620 Desktop was brought in to the computer repair department at IT Computer Solutions today by Mr. G of Indian Trail, NC. His machine just stopped turning on recently, and we have had a few good thunderstorms recently.

The technicians found that while his ATX power supply did “test” okay on a traditional voltage checker, it was failing under a load. Minutes later, the defective PSU was replaced and system tested 100%. Thanks again for chosing IT Computer Solutions!

Technology and the 2012 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are in full swing! The games began on July 27, just 3 days ago. In keeping with the advances in technology, there will be things happening this time that have never taken place before. For example – for the first time ever, every single event and sport will be broadcast live (streamed) over the internet.

Check out these facts from NBC:

What is new and different about NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Olympic Summer Games in London?

NBCUniversal will provide 5,535 hours of coverage for the 2012 London Olympics across NBC, NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, Telemundo,, two specialty channels, and the first-ever 3D platform, an unprecedented level that surpasses the coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics by nearly 2,000 hours. NBC will broadcast 272.5 hours of coverage, the most ever for an Olympic broadcast network, largely attributable to an increase in daytime coverage, and NBC Sports Network will serve as home to U.S. team sports with 292.5 hours of total coverage including 257.7 hours of original programming – the most-ever for an Olympic cable network. will live stream every event and sport for the first time ever. In all, the site will live stream more than 3,500 total programming hours, including the awarding of all 302 medals.

How much of the coverage will be live? will live stream every event and sport for the first time ever. In all, the site will live stream more than 3,500 total programming hours, including the awarding of all 302 medals. By comparison, live streamed 25 sports and 2,200 hours for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Why are the Olympics so important to NBC?

The “Olympic Halo Effect” bolsters the entire NBCUniversal television group, including news, entertainment and late night. To deliver the same number of gross household impressions NBC delivered during the 17 days of its primetime Beijing Olympics coverage, one network would have to own the rights and broadcast the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Golden Globes, the AFC Division playoffs, the NFC Championship Game and six games of the World Series all within a 17-day span.

What was the fee paid by NBC to have the rights to broadcast the Olympics this year?

The rights fee for London was $1.181 billion.

Will the Olympics be broadcast in HD?

All Olympic venues will broadcast in high definition. High definition coverage will be available on NBC‘s HD affiliates.

Important information if you want to watch the live streaming on the internet – you must get this set up in advance here.  You need to select your local TV provider, and verify your user name and password with your provider.  Don’t worry, the site will walk you through that process pretty easily.

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Repaired! Dell Studio 1764 Won’t Turn On….

A Dell Studio 1764 laptop was brought in to our laptop repair department because it wouldn’t turn on. Unfortunately, this laptop was just out of Dell’s warranty period. Our repair professionals determined it was a bad motherboard, while everything else tested okay.

With a Core i5 processor and giant 17″ display, this machine could be fixed for over $1,000 less than buying a new one!

We were able to replace the motherboard have tested the system completely. Thanks again Mr. B of Indian Trail, NC for trusting in IT Computer Solutions to repair your laptop!

HP Pavillion Desktop P6523W-PC Blue Screen of Death

We would like to thank Mr. H of Matthews, NC for chosing us when his HP Pavillion P6523W-PC Desktop computer started failing! According to the customer it was running slower than ever, and constantly crashing with the familiar “Blue Screen of Death” or BSOD.

Technician noted that upon a visual inspection, he found the add-on video card fan had failed, and the motherboard had over 5 swollen blown capacitors.

We were able to replace his motherboard with a high quality Asus board, and repair the video card fan. All for hundreds less than buying a new computer! Thanks again from ITCS!

Dell Studio 1535 Hinge & Screen Problems

IT Computer solutions would like to thank Mr W. and family of Indian Trail. When they came in with their Dell Studio 1535, the screen was practically hanging off and getting no video signal on the screen…. for less than 1/4 the price of a new laptop, our professionals replaced the hinges, LCD flex cable and brackets!  All parts were in stock, and now this beautiful red laptop is better than ever!

Windows 8 To Be Released October 2012

Microsoft (MSFT) on Wednesday announced that its next-generation Windows operating system will be available on October 26th. The news was relayed by Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, following the company’s annual sales meeting. The operating system looks to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop computing, and will be available for consumers interested in upgrading from an earlier Windows version or those who purchase a new PC.

Sources: Dan Graziano | BGR News

10 Steps for Safe Web Searching

10 steps for safe web surfing this summer

For the millions heading out on vacations ranging from long-distance travel to short daytrips to the beach, or finalizing plans for them, the Internet is an important resource. That’s why this is a good time for vacation-goers — and everyone else — to reevaluate how they use the Web and re-educate themselves about how to avoid disclosing personal information when they use the Internet at home or on vacation.

Here are 10 ways to make the Web work for you and not against you.

1. Education – Educate yourself about the types of scams on the Internet so that you are better equipped to defeat them. Read up on the latest phishing scams, for example, and learn how to recognize them.

2. Use a firewall – Firewalls monitor traffic between your computer or network and the Internet and are your first and best line of defense. Most operating systems come with a firewall, but it won’t help you if you don’t activate it.

3. Click with caution – When checking e-mail or instant messaging, be careful not to click on links in messages from people you don’t know. Such links could connect to phony websites designed to solicit personal information, or they could download Trojan horses or other malware designed to steal personal information. Even if the message is from someone you do know, it could still contain a computer virus; check with the sender if you have any concerns about the validity of the message.

4. Surf safely – When browsing the Web for financial institutions or other sites, take steps to avoid fraudulent sites that ask for personal information. Most legitimate sites don’t ask for such information, but instead require registration ahead of time. Use a search engine that corrects misspellings so that you navigate to legitimate sites and avoid landing on a fake webpage. Creating fake sites with a similarly spelled address is a fairly common scam known as “typosquatting.”

5. Practice safe shopping – Shopping online or planning vacations via the Internet can be a terrific tool for consumers, but be careful when you’re on sites you’ve never used before. When on the checkout page, look for the lock symbol or some other indication, such as the prefix “https,” that the page is encrypted or scrambled. Use a credit card instead of a debit card; if the site turns out to be fraudulent, your credit card company may reimburse you for the charges. Evaluate the site’s security and privacy policies regarding the use of your personal data.

6. Use regularly updated security software – Use security software that updates automatically and often to provide maximum protection from viruses, spyware and other cyberthreats, which also are being constantly updated. Conduct regular malware scans of your computer, and update your operating system and browser with the manufacturer’s latest security patches.

7. Secure wireless networks – Don’t let your home network’s wireless router be a welcome mat for hackers. Enable the firewall on your router and regularly change the router’s administrative password. Check the support section of your ISP’s website or your router manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to take these precautionary steps. And make sure your router has a strong encryption, such as WPA or WPA2.

8. Strong passwords – While short, simple passwords may be easier to remember, they’re also easier for hackers to crack. When banking online or accessing other sites that may reveal personal or financial information, use passwords with at least 10 characters and include combinations of letters, numbers and symbols. Change passwords regularly.

9. Common sense – Cybercrime continues to accelerate and it’s being fueled by common mistakes people make when online, such as responding to spam or phishing scams or downloading attachments from people or sites they don’t know. Use common sense and caution; never post personal information online; and be careful about clicking on links or prompts to download software.

10. Be skeptical – Many victims of scams may have thought they were cybersavvy and let their guard drop long enough for a cyberthief to strike. Back up data regularly in case a virus infects your computer, and monitor accounts and credit reports to make sure your identity has not been stolen.

If you think your computer may be comprimised or infected with viruses, visit us at

Help is available!