Onsite service for local small busines

Another very satisfied client.  IT services provided for local business.


I am so glad I called IT Computer Solutions to help solve some softwares issues that had been a problem for months. My only regret is not calling sooner!

Rodney is very professional. He followed up our initial conversation with an email confirming the appointment date and time, and detailing what he expected the cost of the service to be. It was nice to know this upfront. He also called the day of our appointment to let me know when he expected to arrive. Upon arrival, he got right to work helping me get my Microsoft 365 App up and running correctly in
no time. He also updated my data security, checked available storage and cleaned up the hard drive. Rodney even took a look at my cell phone and confirmed that there were some strange glitches (recommended new phone), but even showed me ways to connect my laptop and cell for future backups and storage.

I felt confidant in his technical abilities and knowledge, but appreciate most his patience and kindness as he walked through various steps. Sometimes multiple times, without ever making me feel patronized or like a technological idiot, but instead very encouraging.

I highly recommend IT Computer Solutions as a trustworthy company – well worth the cost. I plan to use them for any future issues. Thank you for excellent service!

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