Installed Samsung SSD drive

Installed SSD in older Lenovo laptop and optimized system.  Customer was very happy.  See review below.

I am an old guy who has been involved with computers since 1979. Seen a lot of problems in my day, but never found anybody so knowledgeable as Rodney Smith and a very bright young man (Brian, I think) at itComputer Solutions! My machine is a Lenovo laptop about 4 years old that had become so slow, I had decided to buy a new machine. On a lark, I took it to Rodney. He installed a solid state drive, removed some viruses, and lots of junk that had accumulated over the years. My machine is now lightening fast!! itComputer Solutions and Rodney saved me at least $1,000 and more important, the big headache of converting to a new machine. Thanks guys!!

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